The bypass valve – otherwise known as a pressure relief valve – is an integral part of the oil filter. The valve is designed to open when the oil filter becomes clogged or when the oil is too thick. This allows the oil to bypass the filter through a center tube. The oil then goes straight to the engine to prevent starvation and damage.
If the bypass valve doesn’t open when needed, the filter will swell and eventually burst. When this happens, the engine loses all oil pressure. The end result is either extensive engine damage, or complete engine failure. Choosing a high-quality oil filter for your vehicle helps to prevent this from happening.

What is the Bypass-Relief-Valve and Why is it Important?

Oil filters are a key part in the engine lubrication system. They remove contaminants which could cause long-term damage to your engine.

Clean motor oil is crucial to the health of the engine and if left unfiltered, it could become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear surfaces of internal parts.

All modern oil filtration systems include a Bypass-Relief-Valve (BPRV), which is designed to prevent “oil starvation” if and when the filter gets clogged. There are two types of filters, a spin filter where the valve is an integral part of the filter itself, and a cartridge filter where the valve is mostly part of the housing.

The Bypass-Relief-Valve is designed with a preset opening pressure to allow free flow of oil when the filter gets clogged and the lubricant is unable to flow through the filter’s media. Without a bypass valve or if the valve doesn’t open properly, pressure could build up causing the filter to burst and the oil to leak. If the valve opens too soon or too frequently, it will cause contaminated oil to flow into the engine which can accelerate the wear of surfaces. And if the valve opens too late, the flow of oil could get obstructed, resulting in poor lubrication.

This is why the opening pressure is carefully crafted to protect the longevity of your engine.

Premium Guard filters are designed to meet the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), specification in all aspects including the bypass relief valve. It’s perfectly designed to accommodate the oil flow rates in modern engines.

To put it simply, Premium Guard ensures that your engine is well protected by receiving the right amount of clean lubrication.