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Premium Guard fuel filters offer a wide range of application coverage including a variety of designs and materials that matches the OEM fit, function and performance.


Quality fuel filters are essential for protecting fuel injection systems from contaminants that may be in the fuel, ensuring optimal performance and fuel economy. Often, fuel has contaminants originating from service station tanks or from corrosion in fuel system components as a vehicle ages. Dirt, rust and water are the major impurities present in fuel. These contaminants can plug injectors and carburetors which can cause engine malfunction. Premium Guard fuel filters are engineered to protect fuel systems from harmful contaminants.


Premium Guard’s comprehensive gas fuel filter program features outstanding application coverage and is comprised of a range of styles and materials to match OEM specifications for fitment and performance. Today’s market features a diverse mix of fuel filter styles and no matter what you need, Premium Guard has you covered. Our fuel filter program provides extensive coverage for passenger and light-duty applications, including diesel, E85, CNG, in-line external, and in-tank designs. All Premium Guard fuel filters are OEM replacements and ship with all components required for successful installation, from brackets and hoses to carburetor cartridges and universal fit nylon styles.


The Premium Guard Gas Fuel Filter Program Delivers:

  • Industry-leading & late model application coverage
  • Superior quality for reliable performance
  • Exceptional fuel system protection with high-efficiency medias
  • Competitive pricing


Premium Guard offers an extensive line of diesel fuel filters for coverage of the most popular light, medium, and heavy-duty applications on and off the road. Diesel-powered vehicles and equipment often endure heavy usage in extreme environments and demand exceptional fuel system protection for optimal performance. Premium Guard delivers the fuel system protection that your vehicles and equipment need, with precision engineering, high-efficiency medias, and rugged durability.


Premium Guard Diesel Fuel Filters Deliver:

  • Original equipment fitment & performance
  • Rugged, corrosion resistant construction
  • High-efficiency, filtration medias with particulate protection down to 4 microns
  • Protection against debris and particulates transported in fuel storage tanks, condensation and microbial growth in bio fuels
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When you partner with Premium Guard, you’ll enjoy a complete solution that delivers the newest products, innovative sales tools, award-winning service and a competitive advantage.

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