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Every vehicle depends on a variety of precision parts working together. The air filter is one part that must be replaced on a regular basis in order to ensure optimal engine function. Air filter replacement is a simple task that can be taken care of at home; nonetheless, people have many questions about this important part. Knowing a few things about the air filter can help you take better care of your vehicle.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

Air flow is essential for engine function. All engines rely on a supply of clean air entering the mechanism. Because air intake can potentially carry airborne dust and grit, this must be filtered out to prevent the debris from clogging the engine. If this occurs, engine performance can start to suffer. As particulate matter continues to build, engine performance can become increasingly compromised, potentially leading even to engine failure. Air filters help support engine operation by ensuring that the air that enters to the system is clean and free of grit and dirt.

Are Engine Air Filters the Same as Cabin Air Filters?

The cabin air filter is not the same as the engine’s air filter. Many vehicles are also equipped with a cabin air filter, which helps prevent dirt, pollen, dust, and other fine substances from entering the cabin when the heater or air conditioner is running. Both of these filters are important and should be replaced on a regular basis.

How Often Should the Air Filter Be Replaced?

As a general rule, you can expect air filter replacement to occur about once every 12 months, although you might choose to replace it more often if you are a frequent driver. Check the owner’s manual for your vehicle to see what the manufacturer recommends; the manual should also tell you what kind of air filter to shop for.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Clean Air Filter?

A clean air filter helps maintain a clean engine; a clean engine is better able to operate at peak efficiency. Caring for your vehicle with regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that it runs smoothly. Adhering to the manufacturer’s service recommendations can also help make sure that your vehicle operates dependably mile after mile.

Where Can I Buy Air Filters?

High-quality Premium Guard products can be found at any well-stocked auto supply store. Our filters fit a variety of vehicle makes and models, so you will have no trouble finding exactly what your vehicle needs.

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