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Everyone loves a comfortable ride in his or her vehicle, and regular maintenance helps assure this comfort. Cabin air filter replacement is one maintenance task that sometimes gets forgotten. Learning about the cabin air filter and its maintenance needs will help you ensure driver and passenger comfort.

What Exactly Is a Cabin Air Filter?

A cabin air filter helps prevent grit, dust, pollen, and other airborne materials from entering the vehicle’s cabin. Most people are familiar with the necessity of changing their engine’s air filter on a regular basis, but many people are unaware of how vital it is to change the cabin air filter, as well.

How Frequently Should the Cabin Air Filter Be Changed?

Although manufacturers usually recommend changing cabin air filters once a year, each vehicle’s need may vary. This can be done in conjunction with engine air filter replacement. Doing these at the same time helps ensure peak engine operation and a clean, lung-friendly environment inside the cabin. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for specifics regarding these and other maintenance tasks.

How Do I Know the Cabin Air Filter Needs To Be Changed?

If you cannot remember the last time that cabin air filter replacement took place, it should probably be done soon. If you are not certain that this task needs to be done, consider the how well the vents in your vehicle operate. Vents that are clogged by an old air filter do not blow as steadily or as strongly. You may also notice a general decline in air quality inside your vehicle. All these are signs that it is time for cabin air filter replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing the Cabin Air Filter?

If you have ever felt your eyes itch or water after switching on your vehicle’s ventilation system, then you know first-hand how irritating dirty air can be. Even though dust, dirt, and pollen are prevented from entering the engine thanks to its own dedicated air filter, all that grit can still enter the cabin through the vents. The cabin air filter helps prevent this from happening and can keep the cabin environment much more comfortable as a result.

Where Can I Find Cabin Air Filters?

Premium Guard products are sold at fine auto parts stores and online. We offer a variety of filter models to suit the needs of a wide range of vehicles. Let us help you create a comfortable, sneeze-free cabin experience for drivers and passengers.

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