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Does it seem like you are always throwing away money on your auto air filter replacement? If you think that opting for a filter with a denser medium might extend the time between filter changes, you will only end up causing more damage to your ride.

What Does Your Air Filter Do?

  • Prevents dust and contaminants from entering the engine
  • Maintains a steady air flow
  • Maintains a balance of power among all engine components

Your engine air filter not only removes contaminants from entering the combustion chamber, it also maintains the correct airflow for the best performance. The manufacturer of your vehicle stipulates what kind of air filter should be used in order to maintain the right mix of air and fuel.

Restrict Air Flow and Restrict Horsepower

If you install a denser filter than what is suggested for your car, you will be restricting the air flow to the engine. If the engine lacks oxygen, the fuel has a more difficult time igniting, which in turn delivers less horsepower and lower fuel economy. You might even experience a lag between putting the pedal down and feeling your ride launch off the line.

It’s like sipping through a straw when you really want to take a big gulp.

This problem can also occur if you put off replacing the filter as it can become clogged with dirt and debris.

Heavy Duty Filters are for Extreme Environments

While there are heavy duty filters and bonnets on the market, they are intended for areas with extreme amounts of pollution and dust in the air, like the desert. They are built for vehicles that run thousands of miles through choking clouds. Those vehicles are designed to withstand the extreme conditions and to work with those automotive air filters.

Your daily driver really just wants its paper engine air filter changed every 30,000 miles with one that meets the OEM specs like those produced by Premium Guard Inc. When you use the right filter for the right application, you extend the life of your ride while lowering your overall maintenance costs.

What About those Lifetime Automotive Filters?

It is possible to find an air filter that is advertised to last the lifetime of your vehicle. These are typically made out of cotton fibers and are oiled for best performance. Instead of switching out and discarding the paper cartridge, you or your service center wash out the oiled filter, recharge it, and reinstall it.

If you do your own maintenance, these can be an affordable option over time. However, if you rely on your local quickie-lube shop for your basic car maintenance, they may not have the knowledge or time to properly care for your fancy filter.

Do what’s right and follow your owner’s manual to replace your engine air filter on the recommended schedule.

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