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Whether you live in the desert or a big city, the air can be filled with dust, dirt, and other irritants. Your auto air filter serves to clean up the smog to protect your engine and extend the life of your vehicle. Do you need to install an air filter replacement more often in these extreme conditions? Absolutely, but sorting out a service interval can be a bit of a challenge.

30,000 or 12,000 Miles?

As always, start with the owner’s manual where the manufacturer may recommend changing out the automotive air filters after 30,000 miles in normal conditions. For extreme conditions, it is suggested that installing an automotive filter replacement twice as often will do the job, but there are a number of other considerations to take into account.

  • Extreme weather resulting in dust storms
  • Operating in dusty environments such as mines or farming
  • Heavy-duty equipment vs. a family minivan
  • Disposable or washable filter mediums

If you find that your standard auto air filter replacement is completely clogged after just five or six thousand miles, you may need to look at additional products for extra protection.

Install a Pre-Charger for Added Protection

For cars and trucks operating in dusty regions, a pre-charger can help to extend the lifespan of your filter. These polyester bonnets are designed to fit over the air filter and provide an additional barrier against solids without reducing air flow to the engine. They require cleaning and oiling every 5,000 miles to maintain peak performance.

Oiled-Filters Trap More Contaminants

Besides the typical paper replacement filters, there is a premium product available designed to collect even more sediment and can be cleaned to improve the return on your investment. Oiled filters start with a washed cotton medium, oil it, apply an epoxy to protect the filter from wear, and are designed to fit each model. The oil absorbs additional dirt that is not always stopped by the fine micron mesh. They are able to run up to 50,000 miles between services under normal conditions. It can be cleaned, recharged, and reused for the life of the vehicle.

This makes oiled-filters a great option for car owners who drive through the desert on a regular basis. However, the cleaning process takes effort or can rack up additional charges at the service center. Combined with a pre-charger, it is the recommended application for heavy-duty vehicles operating in extreme environments.

Paper Filters Provide Convenience When On the Run

Not everybody looking for a car air filter replacement is interested in performing additional time-consuming maintenance. Fortunately, quality replacement filters from Premium Guard offer an economical option that doesn’t add steps to your maintenance routine. After five to six thousand miles operating in a very dirty area, simply change out the paper filter and throw out the old one. It’s a simple solution that provides good protection and works to extend the lifespan of your engine.

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